Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! Today I start reading my new devotional!! I will begin reading "The Confident Woman Devotional" by Joyce Meyer. I have always loved Joyce Meyer's teachings. I can hear from her, I believe that God uses her to speak to me.

Are you starting any new devotions? If so which one? I am excited to make it a resolution to get up each morning and read my daily inspirations! Today I read about the twelve disciples, and how we are full of gifts and talent just like the disciples. It also asked the question, Do you have a vision for your life? Some good stuff for us to think about. I encourage you to find a devotional you may enjoy or to pick up your bible and read it!!

Happy New Year and happy reading!!

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  1. I stopped by from Farmgirl and I've been reading (well I haven't in a bit...need to get back to it) Jesus Calling. It's really great and written as though Jesus is speaking directly to you. I hope you like your new devotional for the year.